Petals of Hope

The Floral Tributes

In the aftermath of the bomb flowers arrived in Omagh from all over the world. They became a very potent symbol of support and comfort to the people of Omagh in the process of trying to come to terms with the impact of the bomb. In deciding what to do with the flowers Omagh District Council was fortunate to have the intervention of Portrush based artist Carole Kane. Carole held series of workshops involving local people to make pieces of hand-made paper incorporating the flowers.

The Pictures

The process resulted in over thirty framed pieces of hand-made art which were exhibited in Omagh, Buncrana, Dublin and Belfast during 1999. Each bereaved family was then presented with a piece of this art work symbolising the thoughts, prayers, love and friendship which emerged world-wide as a result of the atrocity. Three larger pictures were given to the towns of Omagh, Buncrana and the city of Madrid as a tribute to the people of those regions who had suffered so much too. 

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