Omagh Town

Omagh District

The district of Omagh has an area of almost 440 square miles, making it the second largest district council area in Northern Ireland with a population of around 50,000. The town of Omagh is at the centre of this region, while the rest is primarily rural in character with its people living in scattered small towns and villages or in dispersed rural communities.




Omagh Bomb Memorial

The memorial was officially opened and dedicated at a civic commemorative ceremony marking the 10th Anniversary of the Omagh Bomb on 15th August 2008. The event was attended by many of the victims and the wider community together with senior representatives of the Northern Ireland administration and British, Irish and Spanish governments. The "Garden of Light" memorial is located on two sites - the Glass Monument marks the location of the bomb on Market Street and the Memorial Garden is located a short distance away on Drumragh Avenue.