Omagh Support and Self Help Group

Omagh Support & Self Help Group (OSSHG) was founded in the aftermath of the Omagh Bomb in August 1998 to act as a source of support and solace for those adversely affected. The group represents those bereaved or injured by the Omagh Bomb and other terrorist activity in Northern Ireland and currently has a membership of over 120 victims. In 2004 the group received funding from the Community Relations Council to set up on a more formal basis. Whilst the group primarily operates within the area of Omagh District, it retains close alliances with the bomb victims located in Buncrana and Spain, as well as with a wider network of victims throughout Ireland.

Our work

OSSHG is very proactive in meeting with numerous influential group leaders and dignitaries. OSSHG have formed a pressure group to lobby local and national government ministers to pursue justice. The group has also raised awareness of victims needs through local and national media. The group has organised a number of successful projects for victims of terrorism, such as the publication of a victim's guidebook, archive project, befriending, therapies, recreational courses, youth programme and many other similiar support schemes. OSSHG continues to address the practical needs of those bereaved and injured because of terrorist activity to ensure that victims are afforded the respect and consideration they deserve. Omagh Support & Self Help Group is a Charity recognised by HM Revenue & Customs.

Developing links

OSSHG has developed links with other victim/survivor groups throughout the globe for example in the Republic of Ireland, Canada, Spain and Australia. The Support Group’s relationship with the Claudy Bombing Victims has also been strengthened. The core aim of the Omagh Support and Self Help Group is the desire to build positive relations and contribute to the creation of a peaceful, stable society for all.


  • Community Relations Council
  • EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation